Meet the Women Entrepreneurs: Julia Pysmenna 


Julia Pysmenna, founder of taker | maker. Photo: Courtesy of Julia Pysmenna.
Julia Pysmenna, founder of taker | maker. Photo: Courtesy of Julia Pysmenna.

Julia Pysmenna is the founder of the online platform taker | maker, a web-service that brings together different professionals offering digital content creation on demand for small and medium-sized businesses. Based in Ukraine, the company helps its customers to create photos, videos, text and design for social media, blogs and websites through a database of over 120 high-quality content creators, as well as digital marketers, social media marketing managers and content producers. Pysmenna is one of the women entrepreneurs that have been selected to participate in the Women’s Entrepreneurship EXPO mentorship programme. 

“Being a solo founder with no tech experience and entrepreneurial surroundings, I struggle with finding co-founders and mentors who can help guide me through the ups and downs of starting and running a successful business.  

EXPO has provided me with an amazing platform to showcase my web service to a wide audience. This visibility can help me gain new customers, expand the reach, and improve my brand recognition. I've also got incredible networking opportunities that can lead to new business opportunities, collaborations, and access to new markets. In addition, I had the privilege of sharing my thoughts and ideas with other participants, which allowed them to approach their businesses from a fresh perspective. 

In my opinion, supporting women entrepreneurs helps to break down the barriers and biases that have historically prevented women from achieving equal opportunities in the business world. By supporting women entrepreneurs, we can help to create a more diverse and inclusive business landscape, which can lead to greater economic growth. It also brings unique perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the business world.  

Participating in EXPO has given me a unique opportunity to interact with people and businesses from different countries, cultures, and industries. This experience has broadened my perspective and helped me understand global trends and challenges, as well as potential opportunities for my business in other markets. Moreover, I've got how it is important to be active during such events. Being actively involved and engaged provides a unique opportunity to showcase the business, network with other participants, gain and share insights and trends.”